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                       University Education

Here are some of the students we have supported through college and university. Studies included a variety of subjects: Education, Human Resource Management, mechanical, Engineering, Business and management, mass communication, journalism, clinical medicine
They have all come through our sponsorship programme at the Healing Focus Orphanage Centre and all have sponsors who are helping to support them through university. The cost of university varies according to the university and course. There are bursaries available but generally, the cost is around $1000 per semester (4month).
We have several more students achieving high grades at ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. If you’d like to help provide them with a university education, please contact us.

Zaina Nakibule was homeless and Healing Focus Orphanage Centre got from the streets after losing her parents to HIV/AIDS. She is now studying for a Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management, in her third year at Makerere University Business School. She has the vision of transforming her community by sensitizing the community to the dangers of perceiving the Girl Child as an inferior being.

Annet Khauda was homeless and Healing focus Orphanage Centre got her from the streets after running away from her grandfather’s house who was determined to force her into early married at the age of eight. She’s now studying for a Bachelor degree in Education at Uganda Christian University Mukono (UCU). Her vision is to go back to her community and set up a non-profit organisation to advocate for the rights of the girl child.

Ali Kayongo, like most of his friends (Boys) at the orphanage centre, was found rambling around the sugar plantation trying to find his way to urban streets. He was picked by a Good Samaritan and brought him to the Healing Focus Orphanage Centre. He’s now in his third year studying for Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ndejje University. Ali’s vision is to go back to his community and contest for Member of Parliament to propose laws that would help children to grow as responsible citizens.

Amurat was living with her grandmother. Her mother abandoned her when she was six months old and nobody knows her whereabouts since then. Her grandmother took care of her and enrolled her to a Primary school unfortunately her grandmother passed on leading to her dropping out of school. She started wondering around the community searching for survival. So it was at this point that Healing Focus Orphanage Centre took her on and gave her shelter, education, health care and feeding. She is now in her first year studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Oil and Gas at Kyambogo University. Amurats vision is to set up a charity organisation in her community to help raise awareness of the reproductive rights and issues for young girls/children.