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Patrick Tusabe, President
Biography forthcoming

Esther Nankya Bagoole Board secretary/co-founder
Board Secretary/co-founder member Healing Focus Orphanage Centre
Esther is a human rights activist. She has a Master’s degree in Human Rights and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts at Makerere University, Uganda. After she completed her Masters Esther worked for 5 years in human rights advocacy at ‘The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative’. During this time, she was involved in a variety of projects and activities including human rights advocacy, human rights capacity building sessions, civic empowerment, and publishing: human rights defender’s reports, human rights status reports and newsletters. She is also a co-founder and president of femlead Uganda, a non-profit organization.

James Higenyi( operations advisor)
James has a bachelor of commerce -Finance and he’s the current president of Village hope international a local charity organization.

Kenneth Okomu, Board Treasurer
A qualified Chartered accountant with vast experience in financial accounting, audit. Taxation and administration, largely in the international charity and logistics sector. Proven competence in managing funds from an array of donors including the government ones like USAID, DFID, USAID, and EU. I also worked with large private international aid agencies. Excellent professional communication skills, both written and oral, for interacting with supervisors, employees, and customers alike. Intimately familiar with daily corporate environment operations and equipped to not only facilitate the process but to also effectively and efficiently improve it.

Tom Bagoole, board member /co-founder
Tom is an economist with a bachelor’s degree in commerce-Marketing, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management. Tom is a self-directed Non-Profit Team Leader who excels at identifying and addressing potential needs, tasks and issues. Tom has great depth into the community to manage diverse groups of people including defenseless and disadvantaged children. He has 3years of experience in working with the banking sector as a senior financial advisor.
Tom’s professional and volunteer experience has focused on working with marginalized populations including immigrant, refugee, and homeless communities in Edmonton. He is a co-founder and Executive Director of Healing Focus Orphanage Centre
Despina Namwembe, Fund Development Chair
Despina is a social scientist with a Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies. She coordinates the work of over 70 grassroots interfaith organizations doing different social activities in the Great Lakes countries of Africa. Despina is a community organizer, trainer, and mentor in organizational development and peace work. Growing up on a continent that sometimes fuses strong customs with religion to deter the full participation of women, Despina has a passion for addressing issues that support women and girls to achieve their full potential. She has widely traveled, which has helped her conceive many “out of the box” solutions which have changed lives. She is also a contributor to different literature in the areas of interfaith, gender, environment and peacebuilding work.

Jennifer Asiimwe, Marketing, and Communications
Senior Lecturer Uganda Christian University.
BSWSA, (Social Work and Social Administration)
M.A PDV (Population and Development).

Josephine Kankunda, Legal Adviser
Josephine is a Ugandan lawyer with expertise in human rights advocacy, human rights research, project management, building and maintaining networks, monitoring and evaluation; developing and implementing donor-funded projects, budgeting, and lobbying. I have designed and implemented projects in Sub-Sahara Africa that primarily focused on empowering women