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Healing Focus orphanage Centre

The immediate beneficiaries are and will be the 250 orphaned pupils at the school. The community of Busiiro Village has benefitted and will continue to benefit, from the school’s provision for the children, many of whom were homeless. The village clinic has already benefitted from our provision of medicines, both for the school and the community.

The pupils are aged between three and fifteen and follow the government curriculum. Busiiro village is in Luuka District, Luuka County, Uganda, East Africa, a catchment area of subsistence farmers and sugar cane plantations

We have built a primary school called Healing Children’s School, a licensed ( REG NO PPS/H/104 ) free school following the government curriculum and subject to Department of Education supervision. Many of the orphaned pupils were homeless and a few of them are now boarded with Guardians in the community. The school is non-denominational and non-discriminatory, except that intake is restricted to orphans and vulnerable children in the community. We have instituted budgets, bookkeeping, and accounting transparency through the support of donors.

We have also built a Vocational Training Centre fully operational and teaching sewing and computer studies to both pupils and the community of the village. We have built new classrooms and a secure boarding wing for some of the vulnerable girls. We ensure that each child has a desk and is well fed and we support the medical costs of maintaining the school.

We are now in the process of building a new classroom wing to comply with the conditions of the school licence requirements issued by the Ministry of Education.

Since 2012 we have been able to find sponsors to enable 5 children each year to continue to Secondary education. We are happy to report that the best school and perfectly suited to our students is in Busiiro, very close to Healing Focus, where we now have 20 excellent students.

Healing Focus’s objective is to help make the school a residential, self-sustaining enterprise: owning its land and buildings, growing its own food, creating its own businesses, integrated within the community and in partnership with Healing Focus Orphanage Centre.

Trauma amongst orphaned children would be recognized and addressed through continuity of care, as would the hidden problem of abuse of vulnerable orphans by a few Guardians. Those Guardians at present struggling to feed another mouth would be given some relief.

We are examining the possibility of opening the larger school to fee-paying non-orphans, thus subsidising the free school. Ideally, a residential block for staff would ease recruitment in this rural area.
Healing Focus Orphanage Centre has a certificate of registration from Central Government, Uganda and is regularly inspected by the Inspector of Schools.